The Trendy Knit Blanket


So, of course, I wanted to make this blanket. We have all seen this everywhere online, but have you ever seen anyone actually have one in real life? Not I! So this is me setting out to make my own.


I have looked online to see how much It would be for me to buy this blanket. The cost can be anywhere from $100 at Wayfair, to $200 on Etsy (These sizes are not big enough to put on a bed)! I don’t know about you but that’s WAY TOO MUCH for me to just be trendy. That was a huge reason why I wanted to see if I could tackle making this blanket.

Knowing that this blanket is so expensive to buy, I started to look and how much it would cost me to make it myself. I found some awesome jumbo yarn that looked like it would do the job. It was pretty expensive only for a small amount ($35) and I would definitely need a few. I bought one a while ago because I knew I was going to use it and couldn’t afford to buy all of the supplies at once. Unfortunately, I have recently have gone back and they are out of stock of the colors I need. I have opted for a slightly smaller yarn called the “Indie” from Loops & Threads and guess what? This yarn was now on sale for $20! And even though it was thinner yarn, it contained more length which was great. (All supplies for the #LearningProject has been purchased at Michaels.)

Below I have included a list of items, their cost and how many I will need:

So this is so far a total of about $68. Yes I know this is still a lot for a blanket but look, it is a trendy blanket, I’ve wanted it for a long time, its 3x as big and the ones in the store and I can say I have made it. I think that’s worth it!

Now, some of you may have noticed that I have listed a crochet hook in the list of items. I have done a lot of research on the best way to tackle this project. So many people have opted for the table knit or the arm knit but girl I’m not about that life. I’ll leave videos for you to skim over if you are interested to see what that might entail……

Table Knitting Example
Arm Knitting Example

Luckily I came across this video that showed me that it is actually easier to create this blanket with a crochet hook rather than the above methods. (I agree with this method the most, you might like they others. Check them out!) This is the video I will begin my “trendy knit blanket” journey with. Hopefully, things work out as well as they did for her.


2 thoughts on “The Trendy Knit Blanket

  1. Looking forward to seeing your end results… I may have to try it myself. I have attempted arm-knitting a blanket before in the past and it is VERY stressful on the mind as you have to focus more than with needles. It was a mess hahah. I wish I had known about the crochet method. Best of luck and patience!


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