A Very Sassy Report


So, I cannot tell you how much time I have spent knitting these darn squares. If for some reason this blanket DOES NOT WORK OUT……….. well, lets just say I’ll be the opposite of “pleased”.

About one hundred knitting hours have gone by (me being very dramatic), and I am left with five squares of each of the four colors that I chose for this blanket. NOW you would think that 20 squares would be plenty for a nice sized blanket but I am over the top and want a HUGE ass blanket. I hate my self for this and I am finding my slogan for this #learningproject is “go big or go home”, unfortunately.

So, the plan is to knit 10 more squares and I think I will include the color white too. Cool, I found a problem, decided how to fix it, and now I am done stressing out about this blanket. WRONG. Below I will list my problems I have not yet mentioned.

  • I sewed squares together and have to undo it because as we discovered I wanted a big ass blanket
  • No, I could not leave them together because that would mess up the color pattern
  • The color pattern is very important to me!
  • I keep losing my yarn sewing needle
  • The only place large enough to assemble this blanket is the living room floor
  • I have two cats that love sitting on and taking my squares

Yes, Alfredo is really cute and all but y’all haven’t met him. He turns into a different cat when yarn is around.

So, you may be a little frazzled as I am after reading this post, so I will leave some links to meditation music to help you come to a simmer.

Hopefully this will help all of us with issues/cat issues.


Everything At Your Finger Tips!


Only a few years ago the best way to learn something was through going to classes or learning from someone who has experience. It would take time out of your day to plan to learn or even to set time aside to do so. Flash forward to today, anything you want to learn is only a press of a button away. Online resources such as blogs, Youtube, and websites on the internet have given us the opportunity to assess almost anything we want!

Image result for social media apps
Photo Credit: The Next Scoop

With the web, we are able to share our ideas to millions of people to see through social media. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more sites have been created with the idea of creating an online community and different ways to share their lives and stories to everyone. In the video we were to watch, An anthropological introduction to YouTube, it showed how fast that Crank That Soulja Boy danced spread across the world. Everyone was able to view it, as well as create a response/remake to the videos being made about it as well. Today information travels in seconds from one place to another, leaving us with unlimited information at our fingertips!

As a teacher myself, I depend on the digital world to bring my students content and experiences that help to further their understandings of the world around them. Teachers often use the internet to help create connections and examples for the content we must teach our students. This helps make teaching and learning fun and interesting in new ways.

Related image
Photo Credit: Simplek12

From the youtube video, ” An anthropological introduction to YouTube, ” Michael Wesch said that “the web is not just about information, it’s actually about linking people in ways that we’ve never have been linked before” and this is exactly true. This brings me to how the digital world can be utilised more to help student’s education in schools. We can begin to bring people who are experts in the subjects we are teaching to talk to our kids, we can have students make a change or impact through participation in the digital world too! I believe that schools will be taking a more active approach to use the web in ways that bring students experiences outside of the classroom without even leaving.

I am very excited for the next few years to be able to see what the digital world combined with the classroom will look like! What do you think will happen?

Beginners Guide To A Patchwork Blanket!


Today I am going to start my long journey on knitting a blanket. I have done some research and the easiest way I think I can accomplish this is by making a patchwork blanket. This is a blanket created from a bunch of smaller knitted squares that you eventually sew together!

I originally got this idea from a company called Wool and the Gang. This company is awesome! They are all about being sustainable and sourced with care. They refer to knitting as “the new yoga” and I kinda agree! Check out more about their story here!

Besides this, their yarn literally looks amazing and so soft. I have been watching a lot of knitting videos lately and every time I am like “that yarn looks BEAUTIFUL” it is always Wool and the Gang. I think that the next big knitting project I do I will definitely shop their collection of yarns.

On their website, they have a step by step guide on how to go about creating this blanket. For me personally, I learn better by watching than reading so I decided to watch the video that they have provided.

*Not yarn I was raving about earlier.

So… I defiantly did not follow these steps to the “T”. I would say I was inspired by it and went off in my own direction. I chose my own color pallet which includes gray earthy tones. Some of the differences between my knitting project and theirs are that I opted for 10mm needles while they had 15mm. As well, since my needles were smaller, my yarn was not as chunky.

This time around I got all of my items for this project from Michaels. They had many and many walls of different yarn selections. I can definitely say that I have gotten lost looking and deciding which yarn to use for about an hour…. oops!

As of right now, my plan is to knit as many squares as possible with what I have. While starting my first square I have already have hit some problems. The video I am using as a reference says they cast-on 14 stitches and that you want a 20cm long square. Well, I had a HAY DAY trying to figure out how many stitches to start with and a measurement to stick to but holy man… It is hard!

I finally settled for 20 stitches which became 8 inches for the measurement. I don’t know if this is right or wrong but this is what I am sticking to. If someone doesn’t like it they are welcomed to come on over and try for themselves. I think as soon as I get the first square knitted I will use it as a template to measure agaisnt for the rest.

WISH ME LUCK! I’ll need it.

To Infinity & Beyond!


This is the final step of my infinity scarf quest. I have binded off the last end of the scarf and I am ready to stitch them together.

I needed to go out and get a needle that is used to finish knitting projects and that was going to be big enough for the chunky yarn I have used. I picked up these three yarn needles from Love Knitting. They have tons of useful things on their website such as different yarn, patterns and tools!

I’ve included this video below which has a very clear demonstration of how to connect the two ends of the scarf together to complete the project.

If you want to check it out and learn how to sew the two ends together, start watching at 10:25. This is where she shows how she starts off and how to wrap the yarn around the ends.

Here is my finish product. I thought that everyone would appreciate my cat Alfredo to be the model of my knitted infinity scarf. I have also added picutes of the seam that I sewed together…. A little rusty but not too bad. There is a lot of that in the next knitting project so I’ll eventually get better at it. But overall I am pretty proud of the scarf and would defiantly wear it out!

And Thats All Folks!


I chose to join the #Saskedchat this past Thursday. I had no idea what I was in for. I set an alarm for five minutes before eight-o-clock to set up my TweetDeck on my laptop. I put Kelly Christopherson’s tweets and all of #Saskedchats’s tweets on my deck. By the time I did this the Twitter chat was about to start… GOOD TIMING!

This is what my TweetDeck looked like:

I was initially a little nervous because Kelly was saying that we were going to try something new this week. I had NO IDEA what this meant, I didn’t even know what a normal Twitter chat was like!

The first question was posted. It sort of was set up as a word association game. A word was posted and we responded with whatever came to mind first! It was kind of fun and I feel like because of this format there was less pressure to tweet the “right” answers.

Time went by so fast! Within a hour we did ten questions all together. At first it was a little bit slow and it seemed like there were only a handful of us on there and most of us were from EDTC 300. By the second to third question more people joined and there were a lot more tweets to read. At this time the Twitter chat became really fun for me! There were some really funny relatable teacher tweets that made me giggle as well as classroom stories too! It was great to share our experiences and thoughts on these topics.

In the end I really enjoyed this experience and will defiantly try to tune into next weeks #Saskedchat. I think that the value in this is that I was able to connect with other professionals, engage in conversation and learn from others too!

Finish Line Is Near


I have finished knitting my infinity scarf. I have settled for this neutral color with slight hints of blush tones.

Here is a little patch I have already started.

Instead of using my knitting needles that I originally had, I went out and bought bigger ones. I always wondered why there is different size needles. I found out from The Spruce Krafts that the larger the needles, the larger the stitch will be. Now that I think of it…. Duh, that makes sense. Also, along with larger needles you will usually need chunkier yarn. So that’s what I did.

So, I settled for the 10mm needles for a nice chunky knitted scarf.

I am planning on finishing knitting the whole scarf, then catching up when I need to connect the two ends going from a plain boring scarf to a cool infinity scarf.