Stop, One At A Time Please!

Photo Credit: Heart Hook Home

It is now the end of my learning project and I can successfully say that I know how to knit. I have found that I have become addicted to knitting and that Michaels is not a safe place for me unsupervised. Have you SEEN the yarn isles (yes multipul isles)? It’s memorizing. If anyone needs to go yarn shopping please contact me!

Now, since I have learned how to knit exclusively through the web, I have a few things I would like to share with you if you are wanting to start your own knitting journey just as I have.

  1. The best place to figure out how to start to knit is YouTube! This is where I found it was the easiest to see how knitting is done. I am very much a visual learner, so a video was the best way to go for me. I highly reccomend. Please check out my blog post to see which videos I used.
  2. Start with something small. During my learning project I set some BIG goals for me to knit. Not that any of these goals were unreachable for me, but the time commitment became and issue as I got further along in my school semester. I suggest start by making a tea towel then a scarf. If you know you will have a lot of time on your hands then get crazy and make a blanket. Just know that time is the hardest part about knitting.
  3. Don’t be afraid to look at websites and other blogs for advise and information! I have found some amazing websites such as Wool and the Gang that provide great information for people who are learning how to knit. Sometime typed out instructions are awesome to follow too.
  4. Finally, my biggest mistake, finish your knitting projects before jumping into the next! I was really good at this at the beginning of my journey, but I would get so excited about the next thing that I did not finish what I was workink on. If you love your family/roomates/whoever you are living with please stop and complete your projects one at a time. Everyone will be happier.

Genius Knitting!


I’ve got to be totally honest… Lately I have had no motivation to knit. Like at all. Over it. UNTIL TODAY and I’m going to fill you in as to why!

So, have you have had this problem when you are in the kitchen and your hands get wet or dirty so you need to wipe them off. You turned to your well loved tea towel and reach out. You pause right before you use it and think: “man this looks pretty dirty” and continue to use the dirty towel anyway. OR you go to the kitchen and grab a lovely apple, rinse it off and turn to the good ole tea towel. You pause and contemplate drying your wet apple on the potenitally too dirty tea towel. You resort to using a paper towel instead.

I have this problem, and what makes it a larger problem is that I can never find my other clean tea towels when its convienent AND hello, tea towels are more eco-friendly than paper towel.

Reasons why you should do this:

  • eco-friendly
  • make how many you want
  • lose one? make another
  • chose your own color
  • towel falls off your stove handel? knit a solution

Anyway…. My boyfriends grandma knits us these little dish clothes which work great and made me think that having cute tea towels that I have knitted myself.

I found this video to help me get started on my journey:

I liked this video because it had a great visual and it was very detailed. This woman showed me exactly what kind of yarn she used and as well as all of the tools that you would need to complete that same cloth as she has. I think I will definatly refer to this video as a reminder of how to get the shape I want.

A few things I think that I would adjust are the knitting needles she uses. I like the size but I do not think that I need the kid that are connected. I would personally just use longer knitting needles as thats what I perfer. I like the feeling better. Also, I would not follow her pattern. I looks really nice but at the end of the day I just need a cloth to wipe my hands and clean my fruit on. I would keep it simple with a nice purl pattern.

Photo Credit: Canadian Living

Before I ended my search, I stumbled upon a post from Canadian Living where they have provided detailed intrustions on how to make a “pretty vintage hand towel”. I thought this was pretty cool because it showed a different design element to creating the towel. I kind of like it and it was a reminder of a simple way to amp-up this tea towel.

Beginners Guide to Make a Blanket


Today I wanted to show you how I search online of how to create a chunky knitted blanket. I used an awesome app for my Mac called QuickTime Player. The basic explaination of what this does is it can let your view pictures and video. I also found out that it is able to screen record. I thought this was great because it was already installed in my computer and I didn’t have to search around for a better extension for this on Safari.

Initially, I had no idea that the QuickTime Player could do this until I did a google search! Once I found this out I followed the quick and easy steps and BOOM! You have a screen recording.

Here are the steps for my Mac user friends:

  1. Open the QuickTime Player app (this is already installed usually)
  2. Press “File” on the top left hand corner
  3. Select “New Screen Recording”
  4. If you want to use a mic, press the down arrow beside the now available record button.
  5. Hit record, select where you would like to record by clicking and draging the box.

This was super easy to follow and set up. I really liked how I was able to only select certain parts of the screen that I wanted to show. This allowed me to only record Safari while I had other things opened to see myself on the side.

What I did not like about this is that there aren’t at first clear instruction on how to end the recording. I was pressing an clicking a lot of different things until I eventually figured it out myself.

To end the recording you must right click the QuickTime Player and select “stop screen recording”. After I discovered this, it was so easy to use.

I highly recomend this app for Mac users because it pairs nicely with the divice. When you are done recording, you can easily save it and upload it to alsomst anything you need. I uploaded mine to YouTube and it worked seamlessly.

Here is the screen recording I made showing my process of figuring out the right way for me to create this blanket. Check it out!

So far, this blanket is taking a lot of time and space to do. This yarn I have is not too kitty friendly as when they put their claws in it the yarn tends to pull apart. Fifi is really enjoying it though so its hard to take her off it it, Haha. Look at her little big paws!!!

Anyway… Here is my progress so far. I’m excited about it, but hopefully I have the patience to make it.

The Trendy Knit Blanket


So, of course, I wanted to make this blanket. We have all seen this everywhere online, but have you ever seen anyone actually have one in real life? Not I! So this is me setting out to make my own.


I have looked online to see how much It would be for me to buy this blanket. The cost can be anywhere from $100 at Wayfair, to $200 on Etsy (These sizes are not big enough to put on a bed)! I don’t know about you but that’s WAY TOO MUCH for me to just be trendy. That was a huge reason why I wanted to see if I could tackle making this blanket.

Knowing that this blanket is so expensive to buy, I started to look and how much it would cost me to make it myself. I found some awesome jumbo yarn that looked like it would do the job. It was pretty expensive only for a small amount ($35) and I would definitely need a few. I bought one a while ago because I knew I was going to use it and couldn’t afford to buy all of the supplies at once. Unfortunately, I have recently have gone back and they are out of stock of the colors I need. I have opted for a slightly smaller yarn called the “Indie” from Loops & Threads and guess what? This yarn was now on sale for $20! And even though it was thinner yarn, it contained more length which was great. (All supplies for the #LearningProject has been purchased at Michaels.)

Below I have included a list of items, their cost and how many I will need:

So this is so far a total of about $68. Yes I know this is still a lot for a blanket but look, it is a trendy blanket, I’ve wanted it for a long time, its 3x as big and the ones in the store and I can say I have made it. I think that’s worth it!

Now, some of you may have noticed that I have listed a crochet hook in the list of items. I have done a lot of research on the best way to tackle this project. So many people have opted for the table knit or the arm knit but girl I’m not about that life. I’ll leave videos for you to skim over if you are interested to see what that might entail……

Table Knitting Example
Arm Knitting Example

Luckily I came across this video that showed me that it is actually easier to create this blanket with a crochet hook rather than the above methods. (I agree with this method the most, you might like they others. Check them out!) This is the video I will begin my “trendy knit blanket” journey with. Hopefully, things work out as well as they did for her.



This past week I have been wanting to take a break from those dreadful squares and try out something else. I decided to make a little blanket for my cats, but I did not want to knit it. My mom makes blankets often but she crochets them. I decided to try this out for myself.

The first thing I did was to look up a video on YouTube to see how to do this! This is the video that I first watched:

I did not like this video because to me it was too slow and a bit confusing! Honestly it was kind of like watching paint dry. When I realized this, I jumped onto the next video to see if I could find any more help. Here is what I found:

I enjoyed this video a little bit better because it was really close up. As well, she held the yarn and the hook similar to how I hold mine which helped me out a lot.

After practicing this a few times, it seamed a bit tedious to pull the yarn through every single loop. I noticed in the above video that it was titled “single crochet stitch” and wondered if I could up the stitch count, and guess what? YOU CAN.

The one I liked the best is called the half double crochet. The best way for me to show you is by looking at this picture:

Image result for how to double stitch crochet
Photo Credit: Pintrest

Not too sure what the symbol “T” really means but this is what I do. Before I pull the final loop through all the other loops on the hook, I create 3 loops on the hook. This created a fast crocheting process but the overall piece was more “holie” than it would have been using the single crochet prossess.

In the end I created 2 little cat blankets which vary in size because my cats vary in size. The first one was for Alfredo and was large. I used a single crochet process for the whole thing. The next one I made using the half double crochet which was super quick and for my small cat Fifi.

Here are the pictures of Alfredo’s big blanket. I won’t show you Fifi’s because she has played on her’s a lot and is not blue anymore (matted with fur).

I REALLY CAN’T EVEN! They are so cute. Fifi was so jealous, I had to make her one too!

A Very Sassy Report


So, I cannot tell you how much time I have spent knitting these darn squares. If for some reason this blanket DOES NOT WORK OUT……….. well, lets just say I’ll be the opposite of “pleased”.

About one hundred knitting hours have gone by (me being very dramatic), and I am left with five squares of each of the four colors that I chose for this blanket. NOW you would think that 20 squares would be plenty for a nice sized blanket but I am over the top and want a HUGE ass blanket. I hate my self for this and I am finding my slogan for this #learningproject is “go big or go home”, unfortunately.

So, the plan is to knit 10 more squares and I think I will include the color white too. Cool, I found a problem, decided how to fix it, and now I am done stressing out about this blanket. WRONG. Below I will list my problems I have not yet mentioned.

  • I sewed squares together and have to undo it because as we discovered I wanted a big ass blanket
  • No, I could not leave them together because that would mess up the color pattern
  • The color pattern is very important to me!
  • I keep losing my yarn sewing needle
  • The only place large enough to assemble this blanket is the living room floor
  • I have two cats that love sitting on and taking my squares

Yes, Alfredo is really cute and all but y’all haven’t met him. He turns into a different cat when yarn is around.

So, you may be a little frazzled as I am after reading this post, so I will leave some links to meditation music to help you come to a simmer.

Hopefully this will help all of us with issues/cat issues.

Beginners Guide To A Patchwork Blanket!


Today I am going to start my long journey on knitting a blanket. I have done some research and the easiest way I think I can accomplish this is by making a patchwork blanket. This is a blanket created from a bunch of smaller knitted squares that you eventually sew together!

I originally got this idea from a company called Wool and the Gang. This company is awesome! They are all about being sustainable and sourced with care. They refer to knitting as “the new yoga” and I kinda agree! Check out more about their story here!

Besides this, their yarn literally looks amazing and so soft. I have been watching a lot of knitting videos lately and every time I am like “that yarn looks BEAUTIFUL” it is always Wool and the Gang. I think that the next big knitting project I do I will definitely shop their collection of yarns.

On their website, they have a step by step guide on how to go about creating this blanket. For me personally, I learn better by watching than reading so I decided to watch the video that they have provided.

*Not yarn I was raving about earlier.

So… I defiantly did not follow these steps to the “T”. I would say I was inspired by it and went off in my own direction. I chose my own color pallet which includes gray earthy tones. Some of the differences between my knitting project and theirs are that I opted for 10mm needles while they had 15mm. As well, since my needles were smaller, my yarn was not as chunky.

This time around I got all of my items for this project from Michaels. They had many and many walls of different yarn selections. I can definitely say that I have gotten lost looking and deciding which yarn to use for about an hour…. oops!

As of right now, my plan is to knit as many squares as possible with what I have. While starting my first square I have already have hit some problems. The video I am using as a reference says they cast-on 14 stitches and that you want a 20cm long square. Well, I had a HAY DAY trying to figure out how many stitches to start with and a measurement to stick to but holy man… It is hard!

I finally settled for 20 stitches which became 8 inches for the measurement. I don’t know if this is right or wrong but this is what I am sticking to. If someone doesn’t like it they are welcomed to come on over and try for themselves. I think as soon as I get the first square knitted I will use it as a template to measure agaisnt for the rest.

WISH ME LUCK! I’ll need it.

To Infinity & Beyond!


This is the final step of my infinity scarf quest. I have binded off the last end of the scarf and I am ready to stitch them together.

I needed to go out and get a needle that is used to finish knitting projects and that was going to be big enough for the chunky yarn I have used. I picked up these three yarn needles from Love Knitting. They have tons of useful things on their website such as different yarn, patterns and tools!

I’ve included this video below which has a very clear demonstration of how to connect the two ends of the scarf together to complete the project.

If you want to check it out and learn how to sew the two ends together, start watching at 10:25. This is where she shows how she starts off and how to wrap the yarn around the ends.

Here is my finish product. I thought that everyone would appreciate my cat Alfredo to be the model of my knitted infinity scarf. I have also added picutes of the seam that I sewed together…. A little rusty but not too bad. There is a lot of that in the next knitting project so I’ll eventually get better at it. But overall I am pretty proud of the scarf and would defiantly wear it out!

Finish Line Is Near


I have finished knitting my infinity scarf. I have settled for this neutral color with slight hints of blush tones.

Here is a little patch I have already started.

Instead of using my knitting needles that I originally had, I went out and bought bigger ones. I always wondered why there is different size needles. I found out from The Spruce Krafts that the larger the needles, the larger the stitch will be. Now that I think of it…. Duh, that makes sense. Also, along with larger needles you will usually need chunkier yarn. So that’s what I did.

So, I settled for the 10mm needles for a nice chunky knitted scarf.

I am planning on finishing knitting the whole scarf, then catching up when I need to connect the two ends going from a plain boring scarf to a cool infinity scarf.

Expectation VS Reality

#LearningProject, EDTC300

To be completely honest, I thought I would have competed a beautiful scarf by now and going onto creating a hat. Boy, I was wrong. I am not a pro yet.

Right now I am sitting here with a fail of a scarf and 2 little trial pieces… Defiantly expectation vs reality right here.

I have realized that knitting takes a lot of planning an preparation and I can’t just wing it. So, lets set some visual goals for my knitting journey:

The first project is an infinity scarf. This is something I would actually wear and get more use out of than a regular scarf. The next is s multi-color tiled blanket. I feel this is an easier take on creating a knitted blanket in sections. Lastly, this is something I wanted for a long time: a chunky knit blanket. I love how these look and it would be so cool to say that I made this myself.

Now that I have set some goals, I will begin with the infinity scarf and work my way down the list. Off to the internet in search of ways to make one. Wish me luck.