Expectation VS Reality

#LearningProject, EDTC300

To be completely honest, I thought I would have competed a beautiful scarf by now and going onto creating a hat. Boy, I was wrong. I am not a pro yet.

Right now I am sitting here with a fail of a scarf and 2 little trial pieces… Defiantly expectation vs reality right here.

I have realized that knitting takes a lot of planning an preparation and I can’t just wing it. So, lets set some visual goals for my knitting journey:

The first project is an infinity scarf. This is something I would actually wear and get more use out of than a regular scarf. The next is s multi-color tiled blanket. I feel this is an easier take on creating a knitted blanket in sections. Lastly, this is something I wanted for a long time: a chunky knit blanket. I love how these look and it would be so cool to say that I made this myself.

Now that I have set some goals, I will begin with the infinity scarf and work my way down the list. Off to the internet in search of ways to make one. Wish me luck.


Figuring Out Feedly!


This week I downloaded Feedly and made an account. The type of content I am interested in viewing and reading about is mainly centred towards interest of a social studies teacher.

I first started to add a few from the education category on the app. I mostly only added the sources that I knew or have used such as TED-Ed and TED Blog. I added a few that revolved around educational technology as that’s what this class is about and I would love to see how other people are using tech in their classrooms. Lastly, I explored over into the politics category and added Huff Post, Politico, and CBC Canada.

Specifically I think that the source called “Free Technology For Teachers” will be helpful. It is a site that shares information about free resources that we can use in our classrooms. The person who runs the blog is a former high school social studies teacher. It seems to have really interesting post about cool new technology that can help me and my future students. It also sometimes posts about google classroom which is something that I am considering incorporating into my classroom one day.

Im not too sure why but I have a fear of adding too many resources that I am unfamiliar with….. Oh well, I think I should eventually go back to add more. Feedly is kinda fun to use and super awesome app to share information on other media platforms.

Knitting Queen!


I defiantly feel like this knitting thing is working out for me. I really got the hang of it pretty quick. Its only been a few days and I feel that I have almost completed my scarf. At this rate I think I need to re-think what all I should make. Maybe a hat next…..

Here is a video of my knitting process!

Now that I am at the end of my scarf I think I might add a new color and finish off with some tassels. I have found this blog that has some easy to follow directions on how to do so. I’ll have to do some “tassel math” and figure out how long I would like them to be. apparently according to The Finishing Touch, tassels are usually 6 inches to 1 foot long. Good tip they mentioned is to keep in mind that you want to double the length you want and its better to go longer to be on the safe side. You can always cut off more if it is too long.

Hey All!

Alfredo & Fifi

I am Hanna-Marie! Currently, I am in my fourth year of University studying Secondary Education, major in social studies and minor in visual arts. Right now I live in Regina with my boyfriend and 2 cats. While taking classes I also work at a daycare and a before and after school program.

In terms of my experience with educational technology, I have not had much experience with it and would love to learn more! In my internship I used technology for notes, research, Kahoots….. typical things like that. I would live to incorporate technology a lot more when I get to have my own classroom!

I am also excited to use Twitter and start creating my own PLN group. Here is my Twitter, check it out, I’ve been re-tweeting some articles/posts about Indigenous people in Canada.

Quest for a Blanket! #LearningProject


For my learning project I want to eventually learn how to knit a blanket! To get started, I thought I should start out with the basics and try out making a scarf! First I need to figure out how to actually knit. I learn best from seeing something visually, so I decided to start with youtube.

I found the following video from Hobby Lobby which was a great help and clearly showed me how to begin to knit.

Things I learned how to do in this video was how to:

  • Make a slip knot
  • Cast on
  • Knit Stitch
  • Purl Stitch
  • Bind off

As well, I have stumbled upon LoveKnitting’s blog which has a lot of information on the basics of knitting!

I would consider the above all of the things you need to know if you want to create some basic pieces to knit.

I have gathered my own materials to start off with:

Yarn & Knitting Needles.

I was not sure exactly where to start off. I grabbed what I thought was good. Hopefully something goes well.