ECCU 400

How could treaty education (truth, justice, reconciliation, decolonization, indigenization) look like in your classrooms, schools, homes & communities? What did the Treaty invitational event teach you about this important endeavour?

This is definitely can be something hard to imagine creating in a classroom for me when I feel like I have not yet have had an experience where I could call a classroom my own. I think that treaty education will look like and feel like it is a part of the classroom and a part of every discussion and teaching. I definitely do not think that I am doing my part in treaty education and reconciliation if I implement these learnings separately from the content I already plan on teaching through the curriculum. I see this as being a fluid part of my classroom that is combined and intertwined with the curriculum to get students to not think “oh we are learning and talking about Indigenous things right now”, but in a way that we are always involving an Indigenous perspective and thinking in the way we teach and learn. I do not want treaty education to stick out like a sore thumb in my classroom.

As per the home and community, I think that exposing your family and friends to treaty education is powerful.  I am personally bringing up Indigenous ideas and discussions in my home and trying to educate others on knowing that Indigenous people have different understandings and it goes way back to before white people came to North America. I am learning about the different interpretations and understandings of Indigenous people and it is definitely opening up my eyes as to why their actions and words are sometimes so much different than mine is. Honestly, I think that sharing the education that you receive is important and also it is very important to invite others to listen to an Indigenous person which makes the knowledge stick.

The treaty invitational has taught me that maybe people are a little scared and embarrassed about what they think they know about Indigenous peoples. I definitely feel better about teaching treaty education after this event because people were definitely here to learn and were engaged in what I had to say which gave me the confidence to truly incorporate treaty education in my everyday teachings. I think that most of all treaty education looks like people coming together with no judgement and open minds to take in the valuable information they have missed out on.