Cybersleuth Activity


My partner for this activity was Courtney. The first thing I did was type her first and last name I knew her by into Google. For my first search I did not find anything at all on the first page that connected to her. If I did not know Courtney and only knew of her name, my search would pretty much have ended there.

I headed over to Facebook since we are connected on this platform. I see that her Facebook name does not include her lastname so maybe this is why I could not find her from a Google search. I headed back over there and typed in this new name and still nothing for Courtney showed up. From this, I have came to the concusion that Courtney must have very good security on her accounts to keep her social media profiles private. Good job!

I looked for Courtney on these socail media platforms:

Related image
Photo Credit: Social Media Sydney
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

I could not find her on any other platforms without knowing that she uses them and being connected with her on them.

This is what I found about Courtney from just looking at her online profiles:

  • Lives in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Graduated high school from Winston Knoll
  • Born June 19, 1995
  • In a relationship
  • She is a Dance teacher at Martins School of Dance
  • She is a student at the U of R for Education, major English, minor Social Studies
  • Likes dance
  • On the U of R Dance Team

Overall, Courtney’s online presence is good. She expresses a lot of positives about her life and interests online. There is nothing that stands out that I believe a potential employer would be concerned with. I think that to anyone that doesn’t know Courtney but saw her online profiles would think that she seems like a nice woman that has an interest in dance and educating youth.

This activity has defiantly made me evaluate how I look online as well as how I impact others online. This video has reminded me that a little post contributing to a negative thing/topic is not good and can have a large impact on the person/thing it is against or even negativly impact how people view you.

As well, from reading this article talking about having different identities online and off made me think if I have witnessed this in my life. Personally I feel that my online identity mirrors my offline life and I want that to happen. I could not imagine creating a different idea of my own life online compared to what actually happens. I know that a lot of influencers do this which knocks down the confidence of anyone who sees this. I believe this highly impacts people and makes them want to make their life online look ‘better’ than it actually is. Overall, I do not think I would ever create a different online idenity for myself and do not see a use for it. I think that it is important to display your real life and your highs and lows (to an extent) during it.


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