Socializing & Learning Online


During EDTC 300 there were many opportunities to interact with my classmates online through Twitter, Slack and all of our blogs. If I ever had a question I turned to my peers to seek answers and help from them. I also was very active in helping my classmates too when I knew ways to solve their problems and pointed them into the right direction. I believe that through these actions I eventialy and activly contributed to the learning of others throughtout this course.

Below I will go through these three platforms mentioned above to explain further my actions in contributing to the learning of others.


I have found Twitter the easiest place to interact with others. I most often would look to Twitter to post resources and to get my peers opinions. I also liked to comment on other’s tweets to support them and to give them my own opinions too.

In the pictures below you can see how I have used Twitter throughout this class. I liked to use polls which were a great visual for myself and others to quickly see what the majority thought of my question. I also liked to join in on Twitter chats. Most of these were with Sask Ed Chat. I had always have had a great time on there sharing my ideas and sources from time to time and learning from others during the chat. A hashtag I enjoyed using a lot was #QuestionOfTheDay. This was great to use because it got people to think and share their ideas in the comment section of my tweet. I can say this was my favorite thing to do that I will keep doing.

I loved to see what my classmates were up to on Twitter. I would often like, comment and retweet their posts to show my support and give my own opinions too! I think that it was nice to know I had my classmates on Twitter who were for the most part navigating through just as I was too.


Slack was a bit of a different story for me. I liked Slack because it was a safe place to turn to ask questions. I did not ask too many questions on Slack because by the time I had a question to post, it would have been previously answerd. I guess it was nice to have the history of our chat there and have it organized so you know where to go when you needed something.

On Slack I usually tried to help my peers with questions they had if I knew I could help support them in some way. When I was able to provide help I liked to check in with them too if they have fixed the problem or not.

Only at the beginning and the end of EDTC 300 I had some questions to ask on Slack. I never had to wait long for responces from my classmates which was awesome! They all helped me to solve my problems quick and be on my way! I definatly enjoyed this.


I really liked connecting on the blogs and commenting on others blogs. I often was so amazed by what I was seeing all of our classmates accomplish and wanted to praise them for what they were doing. While on other people’s blogs, I kept an eye out for what worked for them and how I can incorperate what they did into my own posts. I often commented postive feedback when I found things I liked.

I also commented a lot back to people who viewed my blog posts. I enjoyed interacting and seeing what people thought of my learning project. Seeing the comments made me feel like I actually knew how to knit and that it was turning out well. I also had a lot of positive feedback on my kitties, Alfredo and Fifi, who contributed to a lot of stress during the project.

I received a lot of really good constructive criticism about my blog post and my knitting which have helped me figure out what to do and how to make things better. I really appreciated all of the people who commented to help me out!

Overall I had a great time learning with my EDTC 300 family online. It was a great experience to have to get introduced to how technology is being used in useful ways. I will definatly not silently lurk on the web anymore as I have found out it is more fun and is okay to interact and talk to people online!


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