And Thats All Folks!


I chose to join the #Saskedchat this past Thursday. I had no idea what I was in for. I set an alarm for five minutes before eight-o-clock to set up my TweetDeck on my laptop. I put Kelly Christopherson’s tweets and all of #Saskedchats’s tweets on my deck. By the time I did this the Twitter chat was about to start… GOOD TIMING!

This is what my TweetDeck looked like:

I was initially a little nervous because Kelly was saying that we were going to try something new this week. I had NO IDEA what this meant, I didn’t even know what a normal Twitter chat was like!

The first question was posted. It sort of was set up as a word association game. A word was posted and we responded with whatever came to mind first! It was kind of fun and I feel like because of this format there was less pressure to tweet the “right” answers.

Time went by so fast! Within a hour we did ten questions all together. At first it was a little bit slow and it seemed like there were only a handful of us on there and most of us were from EDTC 300. By the second to third question more people joined and there were a lot more tweets to read. At this time the Twitter chat became really fun for me! There were some really funny relatable teacher tweets that made me giggle as well as classroom stories too! It was great to share our experiences and thoughts on these topics.

In the end I really enjoyed this experience and will defiantly try to tune into next weeks #Saskedchat. I think that the value in this is that I was able to connect with other professionals, engage in conversation and learn from others too!


5 thoughts on “And Thats All Folks!

  1. Hanna, I am so glad you had such a positive twitter chat experience. I had a class with Kelly last year and I really enjoyed his classes. He kept things light and fresh and always had time to discuss experiences. I really liked this about the twitter chats too, we had opportunities to share experiences and network with other professionals.


  2. Hi Hanna!

    I participated in the #SaskEdChat this past week as well, and oh man I totally understand how you feel! When Kelly said that they were trying something new, I seriously considered logging out, because I didn’t even know what a “normal” chat looked like! I am glad I stayed though, it was SO FUN. Do you think you will do it again?


  3. It’s great that you enjoyed your first Twitter chat! Sadly for me, my first experience was a dud and had discouraged me from participating in any more. So my suggestion to you is to try different Twitter chats! However, keep in mind that not every chat will be as great as the Sask Ed chat!


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