Expectation VS Reality

#LearningProject, EDTC300

To be completely honest, I thought I would have competed a beautiful scarf by now and going onto creating a hat. Boy, I was wrong. I am not a pro yet.

Right now I am sitting here with a fail of a scarf and 2 little trial pieces… Defiantly expectation vs reality right here.

I have realized that knitting takes a lot of planning an preparation and I can’t just wing it. So, lets set some visual goals for my knitting journey:

The first project is an infinity scarf. This is something I would actually wear and get more use out of than a regular scarf. The next is s multi-color tiled blanket. I feel this is an easier take on creating a knitted blanket in sections. Lastly, this is something I wanted for a long time: a chunky knit blanket. I love how these look and it would be so cool to say that I made this myself.

Now that I have set some goals, I will begin with the infinity scarf and work my way down the list. Off to the internet in search of ways to make one. Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Expectation VS Reality

  1. I like how you are able to admit that not everything is butterflies and rainbows during your project! What I’ve learned from mine is that patience is key…no one is going to be a pro right off the bat. And remember, its all about the process and you’ve done a great job demonstrating that! Good work!


  2. Hanna-Maria, your blog is beautiful and so it that scarf! You are very brave entering the world of knitting. The only knitting I have ever done is with the circle that has the pegs on it and you can create toques on it. Needless to say, I’ve never been able to wear on of those toques…
    I am excited to follow along on your knitting journey and see all the different things you make! Maybe I will put in a request for an infinity scarf:) Keep up the hard work, you are rockin’ it!

    – Miss. S


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